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Temagami 3 – Marten River/Temagami River shows the less-well-known southern portion of Temagami, which makes it a great paddling location for those hoping to avoid the summer congestion of Lake Temagami to the north. And it is every bit as worth visiting.

Lots of fine paddling lakes here, and Marten River Provincial Park smack dab in the centre of it all – a great base of operations for your trip. In addition to great campsites and other conveniences, the park has a replica Logging Camp that will take you back to the old days. Most of east half of the map covers the Nipissing Game Preserve where a noticeable abundance of wild animals can be seen – no hunting or trapping is allowed there.

The Marten River Provincial Park Map includes the area from the west tip of Wicksteed Lake and the railway to the east, Jumping Caribou Lake to the north, Cross Lake and the northern part of Temagami River to the west, and Red Cedar Lake to the south. We also show the southern Temagami River – a popular whitewater route – on the back side.

More Information

At 1:50,000 scale this map is larger scale than our other Temagami maps and shows considerably more detail than government topos of the same scale. Campsites, portages, access points, lodges are included, plus the incredibly detailed land and waterscape you’ve come to expect from The Adventure Map™. The back side is covered with colour photos and text detailing the natural and human history of the area along with suggested routes, safety tips, contact info and much more.

  1. Points, lodges, and other relevant information.
  2. Waterproof: The Adventure Map is designed to withstand challenging weather conditions. It is printed on specially-made, extra tough, waterproof plastic, ensuring durability and usability even in adverse conditions like fog, rain, sleet, snow, or sweat.
  3. Compact and Easy-to-Use: The map is relatively compact, measuring around 18×24″/45x61cm or less, making it convenient to carry and handle during your adventures. Additionally, it is designed to be easy to read and doesn’t require complicated folding instructions.
  4. Back Side Information: The back side of the map contains valuable information, such as local history, route descriptions, safety tips, contact details, and other helpful data to aid in trip planning and execution.
  5. Nipissing Game Preserve: The east half of the map covers the Nipissing Game Preserve, which is a designated area where hunting or trapping is not allowed. This means there’s a higher chance of observing abundant wild animals in their natural habitat.

Overall, the map seems like a valuable resource for those looking to explore the beautiful wilderness of the Marten River and Temagami River area. With its detailed information and waterproof features, it provides a reliable tool for an enjoyable and safe outdoor experience. However, please note that the map is non-refundable, and no exchanges will be made once purchased.


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