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Temagami 2 lake Temagami & area is a comprehensive and detailed resource for exploring the heart of Temagami, Ontario’s popular tourist destination. It covers a vast area, providing information from Obabika Lake in the west to Diamond Lake in the north, the village of Temagami, White Bear Forest, and Cassels Lake in the east, and Wawiashkashi Lake, the edge of the Sturgeon River, and Marion Lake in the south.

The map is designed for paddlers, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts, offering valuable details such as campsites, portages, historic landmarks, and fish species. It also showcases the impressive old-growth red and white pine forests, the picturesque water’s edge cottages, and the beauty of the windblown islands in the area.

This waterproof map is highly practical, especially for on-the-water navigation, and at a scale of 1:80,000, it provides more detail than government topos. On the back side of the map, you’ll find color photos and text that delve into the natural and human history of the region. Additionally, the map offers suggested routes, safety tips, contact information, and other helpful resources.

Notably, this single map covers the same area as several government topographical maps, but it comes at less than a third of the cost. Furthermore, it overlaps with surrounding maps in the Temagami series, such as Temagami 1-Northwest, Temagami 3-Marten & Temagami Rivers Area, and Temagami 4-Northwest & Sturgeon River.

Overall, the Lake Temagami map is an excellent guide for exploring this beautiful and diverse region, offering everything needed for a memorable outdoor adventure.

More Information

The Lake Temagami map covers a significant area that includes several key landmarks and attractions. Here are the details of the coverage:

  • Obabika Lake: Located to the west of the heart of Temagami, Obabika Lake is part of the mapped area. It likely offers opportunities for paddling, fishing, and other outdoor activities.
  • Diamond Lake: Situated to the north of the region, Diamond Lake is also included on the map. It could be another picturesque spot for outdoor enthusiasts to explore.
  • Village of Temagami: The map encompasses the village of Temagami itself, which serves as a central point for visitors to the area. It may offer amenities such as accommodations, dining, and access to various outdoor activities.
  • White Bear Forest: To the east of the heart of Temagami, the White Bear Forest is part of the coverage. It could be an area of interest for nature lovers and hikers.
  • Cassels Lake: Another notable lake in the region, Cassels Lake is included on the map. It might be popular for fishing and boating activities.
  • Wawiashkashi Lake: This lake is located to the south of the heart of Temagami, and its surrounding area is covered by the map.
  • Sturgeon River: The edge of the Sturgeon River is part of the map’s coverage. The river may offer opportunities for paddling and scenic views.
  • Marion Lake: Situated to the south of the region, Marion Lake is included on the map. Like other lakes in the area, it could provide recreational activities.
  • Finlayson Point Provincial Park: Just south of the village of Temagami, this provincial park is featured on the map. It may offer camping facilities, hiking trails, and opportunities to enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

Additionally, the map points out that there are several lodges, guest houses, and cottages in the region. These accommodations, along with the Finlayson Point Provincial Park, can serve as excellent bases of operation for visitors looking to explore and experience the beauty of Temagami and its surroundings.

With this detailed coverage, the Lake Temagami map proves to be a valuable resource for anyone planning to visit and explore the heart of Temagami in Ontario, Canada.


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