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Temagami 1 Northeast. One of the world’s great paddling areas, Temagami provides thousands of lakes and rivers among the rocky forested hills of northern Ontario. Our map covers the Northeast quadrant of the main region, and is bounded by Maple Mountain to the west, Latchford and Hwy 11 to the east, Wakimika Lake, Sandy Inlet and Red Squirrel Road to the south and the Spray Creek/Big Spring Lake/Montreal River junction to the north.

In addition to the extraordinary contour, vegetation and water detail on this map we’ve also included most of the formerly official campsites, portages, public hiking trails and access points, as well as historical features, primary fish species by lake, lake elevations, access roads, island numbers and much, much more. Similar in character to our very popular Algonquin series, this map, at 1:80,000 scale, and 24×25″, with a contour interval of 20m, has considerably more detail than government topos or any other map of the area.

More Information

As usual the backside of the map is covered with text and lovely colour photos about natural and human history, suggested routes, safety tips, contact information including local outfitters, and much more. Though it covers the area of several government topos and has considerably more detail, this single map is only a third of the cost.umbers.

  1. Additional Content: The backside of the map is filled with text and color photos about the natural and human history of the area. It also provides suggested routes, safety tips, contact information (including local outfitters), and more.
  2. Overlapping Maps: The map overlaps with other maps in the Temagami Area series, specifically the  Temagami 2-Lake Temagami and Temagami 4- Northwest & Sturgeon River map guides.
  3. Cost: This single map is mentioned to be less than a third of the cost of several government topos or any other map of the area.
  4. Identification Information:
    • Chrismar Number: AM077X
    • ISBN: 0-929140-77-X
    • Waterproof: The map is designed to be waterproof for outdoor use.
  1. Reference: There is mention of a Temagami Area Map Locator Guide, which helps users understand how different maps in the series relate to each other.


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